Music Education Advocacy

Music Education Advocacy
Great music education advocacy resources to use in support of music education in our schools.

Music and Mindfullness for Stress Reduction

The 12 Benefits of Music Education

Top 10 Advocacy Points for Parents

Top 10 Advocacy Points for Directors

Top 10 Advocacy Points for Administrators

Top 10 Advocacy Points for Everyone

Top 10 Reasons Not to Fund the NEA

Music Education Advocacy: 20 Benefits of Music in Our Schools

What Music Lessons Did for You

Schools Kill Creativity

What Seinfeld, Navy Seals, and Grit Have In Common With Music Practice

Music Matters: L.A. Kids and their Music

Stop “Defending” Music Education

Is Music the Key to Success?

Study Reveals Most Teachers And Parents Believe Music Education Should Be Required In School

How Important is Music Education in Schools?

Music Across the Lifespan

Music Teachers’ Perspective on Music Education

Music Education in Elementary Schools

Childhood Music Lessons Improves Adult Brain

Band Triumphs Over Bureaucracy

Nine Things that Music Taught Me

Value of Music

Importance of Music in Schools

Let the Kids Study Music, Already

How to Make Great Citizens with Music

Why Should Schools Have Music

Music’s Impact

Can Music Make You Smarter?

Benefits of Music Education

Babies and Music

Benefits of Group Music Instruction

Scientific Reasons to Teach Music to Kids

Creating a Musical Home Environment

Music Lessons Boosts Cognitive Skills

Dr. Ben Carson: Music Advocate

California’s Teacher Tax

Jamming with Your Toddler

How Music Alters the Teenage Brain

Why Students Really Quit Their Musical Instrument (And How Parents Can Prevent It)

Music Education Aids in Brain Development

What’s the Purpose of the NEA?

Top 3 Things Parents Must Tell their Children

5 Top Reasons Why Your Child Should Study Music

Music Makes Us Whole

Music Lessons & Emotional Growth

Rhythm in the Brain

Music Training and Brain Development

When to Start Playing

Playing Music Tunes the Brain

What Music Taught Me

Music and Young Minds

Teachers Union Facts

Piano Lessons: Make kids smarter?

Quick & Simple Advocacy Facts

Elementary Pull-Out

Music Education Advocacy Is Important

Secret to Dramatically Improving Intelligence

Music Education Advocacy is Basic

Music and Student Development

Music & Thinking

Arts for Everything

Arts in Education

Ensuring Music Education Advocacy

PSA Transcript

A School Reform Landmark

The Teacher-Tenure Battle

Music Education Works

Top 15 Benefits of Listening to Music

1.3 Million Elementary School Students Don’t Have Access to Music Classes

Music School . . . then Medical School

A Musical Life is a Meaningful Life

Science Proves that Music Lessons Were the Best Thing Your Parents Ever Did for You

Childhood Music Lessons

Music, Creativity and Work

Music and Hearing in Noise

Music’s Underrated Importance

Pull-Out Lessons

Education: A Civil Rights Challenge

Elementary Pull-Out Crisis

The Brain and Music

What Educator’s Learn from Science

Gallup Poll

Justify Music Programs

Don’t Forget the Arts

Mozart Controversy

Why We Need Music Education

The Lady in Number 6

Why Teach Music

Arts and High Achievement

Music Matters: Nurturing Music in Children

Music Education Advocacy Facts

Academics and Music

Music Lessons Make for Smarter Teenagers

What’s Wrong with U.S. Public Education?

Books on

Overcoming Stage Fright

How Playing Music Changes the Brain

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