Click on the titles below to see a live performance of the arrangement, recorded in UCLA’s renowned Schoenberg Concert Hall by the All Schools Elementary Honor Orchestra.

Polka Dots
Latin Lullaby
Bagpiper’s Ball
Palisades Sunset
Latin Time
Gypsy Dance/Minka Minka
Super Hero Blues
Traffic Jam

Beginning Elementary Orchestra Series

Are you a music educator seeking a comprehensive resource to nurture and develop the budding talents of your elementary orchestra students? Look no further! The Beginning Elementary Orchestra Series is the ultimate companion for instructors and young musicians embarking on their musical journey.

This exceptional series of two dozen full orchestra musical arrangements are specially crafted for elementary beginning orchestras. With parts tailored for strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion, this collection ensures that every instrumentalist can find their place in the ensemble, fostering a sense of inclusivity and collaboration.

Key features of  include:

  1. Easy and Preparatory Parts: Designed specifically for first-year players, the series provides accessible and engaging musical arrangements that lay a strong foundation for fundamental skills. Each piece is thoughtfully composed to gradually introduce new techniques and challenges, building the confidence and abilities of your students.
  2. Advanced Parts for Experienced Players: Recognizing the varying skill levels within an elementary orchestra, this series includes advanced parts to cater to more experienced musicians. By offering more challenging sections, these arrangements keep the ensemble dynamic and engaging for all players, ensuring growth and progress for every student.
  3. Compatible Keys for Strings and Winds: One of the standout features of this series is the careful consideration given to key selection. The arrangements are meticulously crafted to work harmoniously for both strings and winds, creating a unified and cohesive sound that showcases the talents of your ensemble.
  4. Online MP3 Audio Play-Along Tracks: Enhance the learning experience and bring the music to life with our online MP3 audio play-along tracks. These high-quality recordings serve as invaluable practice tools, enabling students to play along with professional musicians and develop their ensemble skills, rhythmic accuracy, and musical expression. Or, use them as background accompaniment in live concert performances.
  5. Permission to Duplicate Parts: We understand the challenges of limited resources and the importance of ensuring every student has access to their own musical parts. That’s why “The Beginning Elementary Orchestra Series” grants you permission to make duplicate parts for your students. This flexibility allows you to distribute individual parts and facilitate a seamless rehearsal and performance experience.

Join countless music educators who have already discovered the transformative power of The Beginning Elementary Orchestra Series. Empower your students to unleash their musical potential, nurture their love for orchestral music, and foster a lifelong passion for the arts.

Unlock the possibilities and embark on a harmonious journey with The Beginning Elementary Orchestra Series. Order an arrangement today and witness the remarkable growth and achievements of your elementary orchestra ensemble.

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