Cheap Violins for Sale

Cheap Violins for Sale

Cheap violins come out of the box with low-quality strings that ride too high on the violin, making them harder to press down, especially for beginners. The bridge is often “down” and not fitted for the violin. Tuning pegs often slip and finer tuners are often non-existent.  The bow is frequently so inferior that it will never play properly

Many violin buying guides will tell you not to buy online, and to only buy violins you have tried out first while other say it is best to first start with an inexpensive violin, develop skills and experiment with personal preferences and get a general feel for the violin. Then, when you are ready, we can show you what to look for when you visit violin shops to find a professional violin.

But getting that “feel” is impossible with an instrument that basically doesn’t work.  We call these instruments “VSOs” = which is short for “Violin Shaped Object”.

You might be tempted to buy one of the cheap violins advertised all over the Internet – “cheap violins” being anything under about $300.

Don’t do it.

Having a cheap violin will make an already-difficult skill even more difficult to learn and will cause persistent frustration in your practice. Your violin will refuse to be in tune, the angle and placement of the strings will be off, the tone of the instrument will be squeaky and unappealing, and the tuners will likely bend and break.  Your child will become frustrated and quit.  Why do this?

Rent, lease or purchase from an established and experienced music store.  We recommend The Instrument Place in Los Angeles.  They ship anywhere in the country.



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