Ten Ways That Parents Can Support the School Music Program

Ten Ways That Parents Can Directly Involve Themselves in Supporting Their Child’s School Music Program
with an emphasis on working closely with the music director and school.

1. Meet regularly with the music director to discuss your child’s progress and needs, and to learn about the program’s goals and activities.
2. Attend music booster meetings and participate in fundraising efforts to support the program’s needs and activities.
3. Volunteer to chaperone field trips, concerts, and other music-related events to support the music director and provide assistance as needed.
4. Help to organize concerts and other events by coordinating volunteers, arranging transportation, and providing logistical support.
5. Assist the music director in recruiting new students and promoting the program to the wider community.
6. Offer to provide technical support, such as sound and lighting design, for concerts and performances.
7. Share your professional expertise and resources with the music program, such as by offering music industry contacts, providing legal or financial advice, or donating equipment or instruments.
8. Participate in school and community events, such as festivals and fairs, to promote the music program and showcase student talent.
9. Attend school board meetings and advocate for increased funding and resources for the music program.
10. Help the music director to establish partnerships with local music organizations and professionals to provide additional resources and support for the program.

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