Choosing School Holiday Music at Christmas Time

Choosing school holiday music at Christmas time can be a challenge.  The answer is not to avoid all religious music in an attempt to avoid “offending” anyone.  This approach is clearly a disservice to all students. Rather, teaching music from all cultures and religions at Christmas time is academically appropriate and important for several reasons.

Firstly, it promotes cultural diversity and understanding. By exposing students to music from various traditions and beliefs, we can foster an inclusive and respectful environment in the classroom. Additionally, incorporating music from different cultures and religions into Christmas celebrations can broaden our understanding and appreciation of the holiday season. It can also provide opportunities for students to learn about different musical styles, instruments, and techniques. Furthermore, teaching music from diverse backgrounds can also promote creativity and artistic expression. By exploring a wide range of musical traditions, students can develop their own unique musical voice and style.

Overall, teaching music from all cultures and religions at Christmas time can enhance our appreciation of diversity, broaden our understanding of the holiday season, and encourage creative expression.

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