The recorder is a great instrument that is played by everyone from the complete beginner up to the conservatory-trained professional. So why are recorders and recorder books used so much for music education in the schools?

• Recorders and recorder books are inexpensive.

• Recorders are not easily breakable.

• Recorders are light and don’t require a specialized embouchure.  Recorder books are easy to understand – making them usable as a starter music book for young students.

• Recorders come in a few different sizes, so ensemble/choir music can be played without teaching new instruments.

• Hundreds of different recorder books exist for recorder instruction.


The Recorder Fun Book Series for Young Students is designed for the young, elementary school recorder student.  Used in hundreds of elementary schools throughout the nation, the recorder book introduces recorder students to the wonderful world of music making. (A CD is available for fun, play-a-long accompaniments to all recorder songs in the recorder book.)

The Big Song Book for Recorder is a compilation of more than seventy recorder songs using just six notes.  It is two recorder books in one – with the first half featuring letter names inside the note heads and the second half with traditional musical notation. 

Really Easy Recorder Tunes for Young Students is a great follow-up or companion book to The Recorder Fun Book – filled with lots of fun and easy to play songs.

The Book of Easy Duets for Recorder is a collection of traditional songs written in two part harmony for the beginning recorder student.

Thirty Famous Patriotic SOngs for Recorder contain many of the most famous patriotic songs ever written.

Fifty Famous Classical Themes for Recorder is a more advanced recorder book that contains some of the world’s most famous melodies.

Christmas Duet Fun Book for Recorder contains more than two dozen easy to play Christmas and Hanukkah recorder duets for a festive holiday season.

The Politically Correct Book of Holiday Songs for Recorder is, well, you can guess . . . a politically correct collection of recorder holiday music of all faiths.


The Recorder Fun Book for Young Students

Audio Play-a-Long Song List (Click here to buy the CD.)


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