The Recorder Fun Book for Young Students

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NEW EXPANDED THIRD EDITION with bonus coloring pages and new solos and duets. One of the very best recorder books for kids.
The Recorder Fun Book is designed for young students and utilizes a number of innovative teaching techniques including:
• Letter names inside the note heads
• Limited material per page
• Fun, child-centered graphics
• Fingering chart, glossary and much more!
PLUS – Available separately via amazon: CD and online mp3 accompaniments (scroll down this page for access to all the tracks)
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Play-A-Long Tracks (available free online or order a CD)

13 reviews for The Recorder Fun Book for Young Students

  1. Sherry Disney

    As a Full Day Kindergarten Teacher teacher for At Risk Children I have seen this book do wonders! It’s the perfect starter book. I highly recommend this book and method of teaching beginning students to Elementary music instructors and now more than ever to parents who know the importance of continuing music instruction at home.

  2. Charlene

    This recorder method in my opinion is one of the best. It allows students to see the note on the staff but the letters name is written in the note. Students are immediately successful and can concentrate on playing the recorder rather than thinking about what note to play and how to play it. It gradually weans the students off the note names after several songs. It has been very successful with my students.

  3. Jenny Burr

    This book is great for the beginning recorder student. The musical notations are easy to read and my students like the pictures too!

  4. Momtographer

    Money well spent!
    This book is perfect for my five-year-old daughter. She wanted to start playing an instrument like her big brother and this was the perfect fit because it was simple, it shows all of the notes and letters, and keeps the songs relatively simple. The illustrations in it are all very entertaining for a five-year-old and she was very excited to see songs that she knew like jingle bells inside.

  5. H

    Excellent recorder book for music teachers. I just ordered this book so I could have a better variety of music for my 3rd-5th grade music classes.

  6. Glenn jenkins

    Great for that “you have to start somewhere appeal. Not too difficult and holds the attention of a young learning child.

  7. N. keidel

    Helpful resource

  8. Daniel Langhorne

    There are so many recorder methods to choose from but this is my favorite. Kids seem to really like it and they progress faster than with the other books I have used.

  9. Linda Gibson

    Interesting book with some really innovative ideas for young kids.

  10. Mrs. Fletcher

    This is a wonderful book for classroom music instruction. Kids can read from the start with letters inside the notes. As the letters disappear, they recognize the notation and my kids are reading by Christmas! The coloring pages are a cute touch that young kids love. This third edition has a lot more material added – making it the best value recorder book I have seen.

  11. Anonymous

    We use this book in conjunction with our music class curriculum. It really helps to teach the different notes and makes reading music come naturally. It starts out easy and gradually increases in difficulty. It has so many songs and so far my 10 year old loves it. I even got a recorder so I can join in too! Great buy.

  12. Brenden

    A fantastic classroom book. My elementary school uses them for all third graders.

  13. Buddy B.

    This book has a CD but you can also get the mp3s for free on their website.

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