The Real Book for Violin (A and E Strings)

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7 reviews for The Real Book for Violin (A and E Strings)

  1. Musician / Designer

    Great book – doesn’t go too hard to soon like most books. I wish it was also available for G and D string pieces as this would work well for those needing work on the lowest string.

  2. Philip Rundall

    Along with the other books in this series I find it ideal as I begin the journey of learning to read standard notation. The pages are clearly laid out and information is manageable and not at all intimidating. Having been put off by previous attempts to get to grips with reading music, I’m finding these books ideal. I’m a 71 year old experienced mandolin and guitar player who normally learns tunes by ear or with TAB and yet I can see that being capable of reading notation will allow me to explore more widely, musically. You can’t beat starting off with books designed for children!

  3. Reviewit

    I really like this book. It is full of familiar tunes my child actually wants to learn. It is truly for beginners. At first the note names are labeled and later in the book they are not. Very simple easy to use layout.

  4. Courtney

    The simple arrangements are good for beginners who need some more interesting tunes to play. My only complaint is that there are no bow directions, which while generally not necessary would be helpful for beginners who likely aren’t ready to write in their own bowings.

  5. Bonnie

    A good book for beginners.

  6. Marco long

    Learned alot from this book

  7. MIMom@2

    We have another book in this series and like the format. I was initially disappointed that it has the exact same songs as the other books in this series, just in different notes/keys. However it’s still a good challenge for my beginning violin player to learn how to play the same songs on different strings.

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