The Real Book (Flute)

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A book of seventy famous songs for the beginning band student that uses just six different notes. Easy to read over-sized notation includes two versions of each song – one with letters inside the note-heads and one with regular musical notation.

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15 reviews for The Real Book (Flute)

  1. Jamila

    Great step by step instruction in a FUN way.

  2. TwiggLe

    Daughter started taking flute in band she’s enjoying using this book at home.

  3. Anne from Baltimore

    As a teacher, I love the size of the staffs and notes in this book. But, it has no fingering chart or diagram of the flute in it, no reminder of note values or rests. I wish these were included! It is 70 simple songs which are great for beginning flute students. If you are looking for just a practice book of songs, this would be a great choice.

  4. Eric V.

    Started teaching my 10 year old how to play my trumpet during lockdown. This book was a great start for him

  5. mazonstudio

    This is a great little book packed with songs your beginning students will enjoy. No song uses more than the standard first six notes (C,D,E,F,G,A) giving your students fun songs to enjoy as you continue to expand other techniques.

  6. Robert Roma Sr.

    This is a wonderful book ! I have been teaching Private trumpet lessons here in Florida for the past 36 years and have been looking for a book like this all of that time ! This book is perfect to get a new student playing melodies and reading music
    at a very early stage. it is excellent ! Previously I had to write my own elementary
    simple songs for beginning students to augment the material that is usually contained in the elementary method books. This book saves a teacher a lot of time.
    I love it ! Next I’ll be ordering the elementary duet book. I can’t wait to get it !
    Great job Larry ! keep em comin !

    Bob Roma (Trumpet Teacher)
    Palm Bay, Florida

  7. Callie

    Wonderful book for beginning 9 year old player. Easy enough to keep his confidence as he learns to read music.

  8. William J. Price

    pretty good–especially for the money. just as described!

  9. Morelia93

    Perfect for my 9 year old. He practices his trumpet more since he received the book!

  10. W. Halleen

    This is a great beginners book for anyone wanting to play the trumpet.

  11. JIMmmMMmMMY

    The first half has the note names written within the notes themselves to assist with early or first-time music readers, and the second half of the book consists of the same songs without the embedded note names. Really helped my budding trumpet player learn the staff quickly.

  12. G. P. Tierney

    Preteen had no problems with the nominclature, but still plays toooo loudl! Not the books fault.

  13. Bulldog Grammie

    Great. Music teacher loved it!

  14. Amazon Customer

    I love the songs in this book- it has all of the beginner favorite tunes, first with the letter names and then without. Great for beginners!

  15. Band Teacher

    Lots of great songs that are easy. If you student can play these 6 notes, they can play all 70 songs without your help.

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