The Real Book (Alto Saxophone)

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7 reviews for The Real Book (Alto Saxophone)

  1. EB Boyle


  2. Mo

    As an adult learner, it’s helping me a lot in my practice. I bought the Kindle version. It starts with simple songs, as per as the musical notations are concerned, and then gets into more complex ones. Also from page 35 onward notes’ letters are removed so that one can practise from their memory but if they forget, the book gives reference to the page where the same song can be found with the notes’ letters are included and vice versa (please, see the attached picture). This is great for practice and one can go back and forth to make sure that they are getting the notes correct. I would highly recommend this book for beginners.

  3. RC

    A nice basic book for a beginning band student!

  4. Clay Void Jr.

    I have learned to play more than ten songs from this book, I love this book, and planned to purchase many more of these.

  5. Razzor

    Our daughter loves this book. It is helping build her confidence while playing. Songs are definitely simple yet you can still sing along with the tune and tell what she is playing.

  6. steph

    I’ve played the sax for 30+ years, & wanted something to use to teach my 12 year old how to play. This is absolutely perfect! I’ve already taught him six notes, how to count each measure, and how to read half notes and single notes. This book would also be perfect for a young player with no experience, but with someone who could teach them basic notes, fingering, etc.. The book starts off very easily and I really like how the notes are labeled in the beginning. The music slowly progresses, & by page 35, the notes’ letters are removed (becomes typical music notes). Songs continue to progress through the last page, 68. I am glad this is the book I bought for my son to start. My 8 year old is interested in the saxophone now and I may start teaching him soon as well

  7. Ezee


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