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19 reviews for The BIG Song Book

  1. U L

    Clearly set out in bold large quality print this book can be divided into 2 sections.

    The first part contains all the songs with the letter names of the notes written inside the note heads. The second part contains all of the songs again ( with a few bonuses) written without the letter names. For those learning to read music I think this is a brilliant idea as it can test and reinforce your knowledge of the note names. Each page is clearly cross referenced to the corresponding page in the other part.

    The only criticism I have. but this is not specific to this book it applies to many books published by CreateSpace, is the cover soon starts to curl up but this is a small price to pay for the content of this book.

  2. Amazon Customer

    This is a great supplement to begining recorder.
    Its aim is at young kids who have played less than 6 months.
    Only caveat is it is just Folk Tunes, nothing modern, most of the songs my kids had never heard of, but that’s what Youtube is for.

  3. DS

    I bought this book for my eight year old granddaughter, who learned to play the recorder at school. She was immediately able to pick up the book, read music, and play songs from the book. She was delighted. She was also pleased to find a song in her book that her class had already learned at school.

    All in all, very pleased with this purchase. Would recommend.

  4. n

    This is a great little Recorder book. My 10 year old granddaughter is learning to play the Recorder at school. She has picked up on reading the notes quite well, so I am adding this book to her “music” library! I’m sure she will be playing every song in this book before long. This is a great book, at a great price, and the shipping was awesome. As usual, “Amazon” never disappoints me, no matter what I might decide to purchase.

  5. Peggy D Ore

    My grandson enjoyed this book and can play most of the songs. His only comment was that it would be nice to have the words to the songs also included.

  6. Sonja Alper

    All of Larry Newman’s books are excellent. He is an authority on compiling and organizing music for children. I have used this book with many students. It is a great collection of familiar easy to play melodies that will keep the young players engaged and inspired.

  7. Peggy Erdman

    Kids love it

  8. cloudbird

    The title is a little misleading in that you get the idea you’ll have big ol’ songs to learn when most of them are only two lines long. That said, they were easy for my daughter to play and helped her learn to read music better, which was the goal.

  9. denise a smith

    Lots of songs are listed in the book. Some are very short for a beginner and there are longer songs too. Can’t beat the price

  10. Lorien

    It’s exactly as described, plenty of songs to practice.

  11. Wendisima


  12. H

    Excellent recorder book for music educators. I just ordered this book so I could have a better variety of music for my 3rd-5th grade music classes.

  13. Izzy

    Just got my granddaughter a book and she loves it

  14. Kimberly Starr

    A great novel for learning. Very intriguing. A must have for young children learning to play the recorder! Totally a awesome book!

  15. Lay-Lay Musick

    This book is perfect! Everything I expected and more. I then purchased the companion book “Recorder Fun Book”. I was pleased to see how many more songs were in the 2nd book. Great leaning tools for myself and my grandkids. I’m sure I’ll be purchasing thr rest of their books soon!

  16. Tyler Cole

    This is probably the best book I’ve used for recorders, and I’ve used a lot. Couldn’t recommend this more.

  17. Benson

    This is a great book for kids looking for easy songs.

  18. Mary Beth

    This book allows my students to feel like they know so much! They can sight read every tune in this book since they know the six notes (GABCDE) and can count quarter, half, whole and eight rhythms.

  19. Tony D.

    Fun book for kids. Plenty of songs to play.

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