The Beginning Guitar Fun Book

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6 reviews for The Beginning Guitar Fun Book

  1. Jaret Jones

    Our guitar teacher requires this book. My son did well with it.

  2. bleeglaser

    We bought this for our son for Christmas to encourage his learning guitar. I received a guitar of my own and adult books to learn guitar. The adult books that I got are not laid out well and don’t allow you to build slowly on the chords you learn. The Guitar Fun Book was laid out in an easy to follow format and reminded you of notes you had previously learned earlier when doing a new song. I liked that it had the letter of the notes on the note but occasionally removed it to stretch your memory and strengthen your skill. I worked through the book pretty quickly but go over and over the songs to work on my fingering. Practice makes perfect. I wish this book was longer. It’s pretty thin. I will be ordering his other guitar books and hope they teach like this one.

  3. TJS

    Very easy to learn.

  4. Sanchez

    Easily understood by my kid, the songs are good I think. Great starter for a young musician. I play the guitar so I can help my kid with it, but the book is nice to have for the kid to practice when I’m not around.

  5. Daniel

    My son is learning guitar and this is a great starter book. Goes over the strings and notes, plus chords.

  6. Chaz

    Fantastic! Very easy to understand.

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