How to Read Music on the Clarinet

Reading notes is often a big road block for young students learning an instrument for the first time. While the student may be completely capable of playing simple songs, reading the notation becomes a formidable challenge to progressing on the instrument.

Traditional methods of learning to read music using sentences like “Every Good Boy Does Fine” are often of little help. And writing in the letter names under the notes provide very little value since the student reads only the letters and ignores the written musical notation.

We have found the ideal method for young students learning to read music is by having the note names INSIDE the note heads — and limiting the number of notes being learned to six or less.

This book contains dozens of songs using no more than six different notes. The songs are presented twice – first with the letters inside the note heads and then again on the opposite facing page without any letters inside the note heads.

Students should play the songs with the letters first. When they feel confident with their performance, they should try playing the same songs on the opposite page without letters. Should the student experience any difficulty or frustration reading the musical notation, they can simply go back to the version with the letters.

The idea is to enjoy playing lots of songs – without frustration – and then when ready challenging oneself to reading the notes on the opposite page.

IMPORTANT: This book is not a method book to teach students how to play an instrument. It is not meant to instruct students on how to hold their instrument, produce a sound or develop proper technique. Students using this book should already be able to play the six basic notes in this book and understand proper posture, technique, etc. This book is written to help students learn how to READ the musical notation through repetition and practice while focusing on the six basic notes in the scale.

Music learning should be a fun and joyous experience. Good luck in this great adventure!

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