Easy Duets for Cello

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5 reviews for Easy Duets for Cello

  1. Lucia

    Veramenre ottimo libro con brani ben arrangiati, semplici per i primi anni di studio del violoncello. Ottimo, lo consiglio vivamente.

  2. Music Teacher

    Larger than normal print and using only first position makes this an excellent duet book for the beginning cello player.
    Few materials like this on the market for the elementary student. The violin book works with the cello book, too.

  3. Tracy Sparks

    Big print, comes in handy with some of my older, (like in their 70’s) students!

  4. Call of Kthalia

    I got this for my mom (who has a cello) and the violin version for me. We both JUST started playing as adult-learners, though she is a little ahead of me by a few months, and she is starting to learn some of the tunes. I got to hear the sound of the duet version when we went to a lesson and the teacher played the violin accompaniment. Our teacher really liked the books and thanked me for showing her something she hadn’t seen before. Hopefully in the next couple months my mother and I can play “Ode to Joy” together and I can update my review to let you all know how that goes. 🙂

    Without having played myself I can say that my mom still thinks this is challenging even though it says “Easy”, but it is something she (and hopefully soon I!) can work with. It is nice that the notes are so easy to read. This is great for beginners, people with poor vision, kids, seniors… and I like it because I am just learning how to read music and this makes each note so clearly visible.

    Hopefully this review helps and hope you enjoy the book if you decide to try it out. 🙂

  5. Michael Killion

    Excellent beginner books for the violin or viola player in their first or second year. Larry Newman has an entire series of music books for violin, viola and cello that are all excellent for players in their first few years. I would not consider these lesson books, but books to supplement beginner players to learn more popular songs. For my young boys, I have the Don’t Fret colored finger guide on their 1/4 and 1/2 violins. Then to help them find the correct notes, I will sometimes use a blue, yellow, pink and green or orange highlighter to color the notes on sheet music. I know it’s a learning crutch, but it makes finding and playing the correct note faster and easier….the more positive feedback they get in playing a correct note, the longer they stay with learning music and different musical instruments (I hope). I also like the books because the songs are also easy enough for the beginner player to start memorizing songs too. Between the cello, violin and viola, I think we own all of them.

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