Book of Easy Duets for the Recorder

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5 reviews for Book of Easy Duets for the Recorder

  1. Myluvalways

    Good list of tunes, however as soon as the 4th song in the book they have students playing a high B above the clef… that’s not a beginner note at all! A book for true beginning recorder shouldn’t have any notes above the staff! I feel it’s discouraging for young players to get a book that is labeled “easy” and then have some of the very first songs be outside of the normal recorder range. If you look up recorder fingering charts, none of the beginner charts even give fingerings for notes above D or E on the staff. I have a feeling that this book was not playtested by beginners and the songs are most definitely not arranged in order of difficulty. There are definitely some gems in here though!

  2. ghf


  3. MusicMom

    Finally! A duet book for recorder! Just when I thought I couldn’t hear Hot Cross Buns one more time, I can enjoy my kids playing thoughtful pieces and taking their recorder playing to the next level.

  4. Jeri

    My kids love this book since they have heard some of the songs before in general music class AND they know all the notes. Nothing too difficult. All good here.

  5. Susan Portnoy

    So much fun to see my kids doing duets on recorder. This book makes it easy for them and promotes participation and collaboration.

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