Best Beginning Ukulele Book for Kids

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Finally, a ukulele book with appeal to kids that focuses on fundamentals taught through songs that young people love to play. Larry Newman’s book is an easy, learn how to play ukulele method for beginner students and children of all ages. It includes essential chords, songs, lyrics, illustrations, tab, sheet music, online videos, coloring pages and more. This is the perfect ukulele book for private or classroom instruction.

Check out the YouTube playlist with video tutorials.

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15 reviews for Best Beginning Ukulele Book for Kids

  1. Brynn Quiram

    I ordered this for my little sister. She loves it, although it will take her awhile becuase she is very young. She loves it. I love how it walks her through everything, and how easy this is. No regrets here!

  2. Jordan L

    This book offers a clear, fun, and easy-to-understand approach to learning the ukulele. It starts at the beginning with the basics which is perfect, then by the end of the book you will feel like you can play any of your favorite songs!

  3. Kyle Cosner


  4. Luke D Deasy III

    This is the BEST beginning Ukulele book I have used to date! Very clear instructions for students and teachers.
    Starts right out with easy chords so kids can play songs right away!
    Perfect for elementary individual learning or classes – LOVE IT!!

  5. Sherry Disney

    I am so happy to have discovered this book. The free YouTube video tutorials (see my screen shot photo) make learning especially easy — it’s like having one’s own private teacher. There is even a link to get personalized Zoom lessons with professional musicians/teachers. The internet is a wonderful thing and this book is the best!

  6. amanzon addict

    Having used nearly every beginner ukulele book that exists, this one is excellent because it allows a student to get comfortable with easy chords before adding in more challenging ones. The addition of the free online videos and play along recordings makes it really easy to teach yourself if you wanted to! This is also part intermediate book because If you complete the book you’ll know so many chords that you’ll likely be able to purchase a song book and be able to play all the songs!

  7. Jason

    Larry Newman has done it again with his latest book for beginning ukulele. The book begins with two of the easiest chords to play on the ukulele — guaranteeing instant success for young musicians. This pain-free start to learning an instrument inspired my child and motivated her to learn. As with all Newman’s music books, the material is written specifically for the young musician with extra-large notation, whimsical art, and songs kids want to perform. I’m using this for my own daughter and, as a third grader teacher, I plan to use it in my classroom to teach music. Now I just need to find 24 ukuleles for my students!

  8. Ellen

    I’m not a kid, but I started using Best Beginning Ukulele Book for Kids the minute it arrived and felt as happy as a kid! So much fun. Easy-to-follow lessons. The satisfaction of being able to play a song within the first few minutes of picking up the ukulele! Kids and grown-up kids will have a great time with this, and in addition to teaching a new instrument, this book also covers the music basics of notes in the scale, key signatures, counting and more. There are also online videos which make it feel like a great teacher is at your house giving you a private lesson. LOVE this book and my new hobby!

  9. Tyler

    This book is perfect for kids or adults. It is very clearly written and so much fun to play. You’ll learn the ukulele in no time at all. There is a separate video for every page in the book – amazing! That feature alone really makes this a no fail method. The videos are free (unlike other books) and easily accessible on a YouTube playlist. (See the video from page 41 of the book in this review.) Get this book if you want to learn the ukulele and have a ton of fun doing it!

  10. Kerrie Bullard

    The book is great for beginning and young ukulele students.
    I use it at the school where I teach.

  11. AB Jones

    This book is good for kids.

  12. Peppermint

    Ok, I decided to start learning how to play the ukulele and this is a super cool little book for beginners, even adult beginners. It shows the more basic chords, has some musics, etc. It’s very basic, my kids like it too. The video lessons are good too. All in all satisfied with the purchase.

  13. Carol Dabney

    This ukulele beginner book is very helpful. Shows the parts of the ukulele. Hand illustrations of chords, strumming patterns, some musical theory and tabs for playing the melody. The song selection is familiar for kids to sing along. There are fun coloring pictures in the back and instructional video option to help. I am a music teacher and using this book to help instruct children ages 5-9.

  14. Stephen

    The videos are fantastic that go with each page of this book. Love it.

  15. Jody

    Finally! A ukulele book that is fun with easy to learn instruction. Thank you for this fabulous book!

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