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Finally, a recorder book with appeal to kids that focuses on fundamentals taught through songs that young people love to play. Author Larry E. Newman (The Recorder Fun Book) created this book to be used as a first year beginning method or as a second year review and continuing book for the progressing intermediate student. The book is crammed with tons of musical examples, scales, arpeggios, songs, solos, duets and trios plus dozens of fun, kid-centered illustrations. There are play-a-long mp3s available to help motivate students and make playing fun. This book makes a great follow-up to The Recorder Fun Book since the first part of the book provides lots of review and the remainder of the book introduces new notes and concepts. With more than one-hundred pages, this book has it all.

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Play-A-Long Tracks

4 reviews for Best Beginning Recorder Book for Kids

  1. Tyler

    Great for upper elementary and middle school kids. Play-a-long online tracks are fun to use. My students learn easily with this book.

  2. Lindsay

    This book is great for kids especially, and for grownups who are kids, too. It is clearly laid out and fun, and gets kids reading music fast. It also teaches a bunch of musical terms.) The only cons I have seen are that “tonguing” vs. slurs is not well defined and that there are no breathing marks in any of the pieces.
    This book teaches the Baroque style, so make sure you have a Baroque recorder and not a German one. Also, it does not advance to using the little fingers at all.
    It includes a huge selection of songs (Christmas songs, kids songs, Sunday school songs and some Classicals) at the second half of the book, and even has duets and trios (Cover your ears as needed depending on your player’s skill level!)

  3. Franklin Green

    The MP3 recordings included are a great addition. Songs are well known and my daughter enjoys picking up the book and recorder everyday.

  4. John Daniels Sr.

    An outstanding addition to quarantine life for little Johnny. I can just sit him down with the book and he goes at it.

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