Best Beginning Piano Book for Kids

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Best Beginning Piano Book for Kids is an easy, learn-how-to-play piano method book for beginner students and children of all ages.

The online video tutorials support learning and home practice. It’s like having a music teacher in your home — ready whenever you are.

The book includes:

  • Extra-large notation
  • Simplified arrangements
  • Letter names inside the note heads
  • Limited material per page
  • Child-centered illustrations.
  • Large selection of classic and time-tested piano songs

The book teaches important music fundamentals including:

  • How to read notes
  • Proper piano technique
  • Playing with two hands
  • Basic music theory
  • Creativity and expression
  • Music appreciation

The free YouTube videos support learning with:

  • A beautiful, professionally produced 4K video
  • Live playing demonstrations of every song in the book
  • A kind and enthusiastic teacher who kids love — Miss Suzanna!
  • Graphics and animation that capture a young student’s attention

This beginning book focuses on the right hand for the initial lessons before moving on to the left hand. We think you’ll appreciate the exciting teaching strategies employed by this nationally recognized music educator and author.

There are dozens of simple piano solos written by the world’s greatest composers — arranged and edited especially for the young, first year piano student.

Author Larry Newman is founder of Children’s Music Workshop and Music Fun Books. He has written more than 275 books and arrangements for piano, guitar, ukulele, woodwinds, brass and percussion — including dozens of band and orchestra pieces for elementary and middle school ensembles.

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17 reviews for Best Beginning Piano Book for Kids

  1. Katelyn

    I bought it for my 6-year-old son, but ended up teaching myself to play the piano with this book too. It’s amazing. The written explanations are so detailed (yet simple) that I haven’t felt the need to check out the videos yet (although it’s nice to know I can do so if I have doubts about anything). I wholeheartedly recommend this book for any beginner, whether adult or child.

  2. KKKKatie

    My granddaughter and I are enjoying working through this

  3. Vania

    I like the tunes, I like the pictures, good piano book for kids.

  4. Nizar

    This is a brilliant beginners book in teaching how to play the piano, it is simple to follow and get you learning with excitement and confidence. The book is excellent or both children and adults. This boo deserves to be a overnight success Well done to the maker of this book.

  5. Sachiyo Yoshimoto

    Kudos to CMW! My students and parents love learning from this piano book! The large print notes and layout is easy to read and the step by step instructional video is a huge plus. I can’t ask for a better introductory piano book for individual student and classroom teaching.

  6. Sherry Disney

    This is just the piano book I have been searching for! Learning made easy with big notes, funny drawings and cool songs. Unlike the old-fashion piano methods, this one has beautiful online 4K videos that match each page in the book. Incredible! My child is already playing with both hands. Love it.

  7. Luke D Deasy III

    I love the large, clear layout of this book — easy for kids to read and understand. The free YouTube videos are fantastic and my child just loves the lady who teaches her on the videos. With over 100 pages, there is plenty of room to grow with this piano book. Great book!!!

  8. Hector R.

    Given as a gift, but it has provided lots of songs to learn and play for adult beginner.

  9. D. J. Smith

    I have searched for years for a progressive beginner book. This book is the answer. Use can use it for children or adults. Use can teach beginning chords with it also. Students of all ages can utilize this book.

  10. Jordan L

    Easy to follow. Perfect for a beginner!

  11. Jane10

    Good book. Nice big print. Easy to read. Just what I was looking for. Perfect for any beginner!

  12. MusicTeacherCA

    This beginner book has it all AND videos to tap into that show the teacher’s hands and music. The layout is nice and the pace is very good. The songs at the end with helpful fingerings will give my students the confidence to try and create this beautiful music!! Definitely a book that they can grow into. Thank you CMW and Mr Larry Newman!

  13. Raquel R.

    The sequencing is nice in this book, and there are great video tutorials. New concepts are introduced with simple instructions for younger students and applied immediately to playing the piano. The print is large/legible for younger students, but also accessible for older beginners. The book excels from very beginner to intermediate with clear scaffolding.

  14. Tyler

    Great for an absolute beginner on the piano, it quickly teaches kids songs they know and love. The free YouTube videos have all the music visible on screen along with the teacher and close-ups of her fingers on the piano. It is super easy to follow and holds the attention of even my most fidgety child. A great value for the price, content, available videos and number of total pages.

  15. Luna 2020

    Impressive sequencing of concepts and technique. Excellent hand position reminders are frequent. Note reading, rests, time signatures and articulation are introduced early as a foundation for varied repertoire throughout the book. The free YouTube videos show the teacher’s hands close up while the music notes can be seen simultaneously. The instructor’s voice is gentle, pleasant and inviting, with clear enunciation and appropriate pacing. Print is clear and graphics are fun but not juvenile. 16 “FINGERcises” and 22 familiar, Classical repertoire selections at the end will make this book a keeper long after the student completes the first 82 lines.

  16. Debbie

    Miss Suzanna’s videos are first rate and correspond with each page of the book.

  17. musicfunbooks_4j1sko

    Great book with awesome video support.

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