Best Beginning Guitar Book for Kids

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Finally, a beginning guitar book with appeal to kids that focuses on fundamentals taught through songs that young people love to play. Larry Newman’s book is an easy, learn how to play guitar method for beginner students and children of all ages. It includes essential chords, songs, lyrics, illustrations, sheet music, online videos/mp3s, coloring pages and more. This is the perfect guitar book for private or classroom instruction.
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12 reviews for Best Beginning Guitar Book for Kids

  1. Monika

    Brilliant book. My 8 years old boy loves it.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Mi hija lo está llevando adicionalmente a sus clases de guitarra y ha sido un buen complemento.

  3. J.N.

    I have bought this book for kids and I am happy to see the great explanation with pictures and samples step by step. Highly recommended for kids and adults too.

  4. Jacki

    He loved it birthday present he learned to play some songs.

  5. Tina

    A good purchase for a beginner. This book posts cord fingerings to encourage a beginning guitarist to explore more sounds. Good purchase!

  6. Ellen

    Loved this book. Not only does it teach the basics (and beyond) of guitar playing, but it is also great for overall music training. This book will teach the fundamentals of guitar while also strengthening concepts of notes in the scale, time signatures, sight reading and more! Nice selection of familiar and some not-so-well-known songs. There are online tutorials to boot. Like private lessons…all included in the price of the book!

  7. Jordan L

    I love the way this book starts with a few easy chords rather than cumbersome note reading. Kids want instant success and this book delivers. That being said, it also teaches notes and other musical concepts in a well-presented, logical way. The little cartoons throughout the book keep it fun for kids while still teaching good fundamentals. The best part is that there are videos for free on YouTube that correspond with pages in the book. This book was apparently just published so I’m glad I found it. Sure to be a best seller.

  8. Jason

    I couldn’t be more thrilled with this new guitar book! My son was able to learn quite a bit on his own. Based on the pictures and instructions in the book he was able to immediately fix some posture, positioning, and lefthand techniques that had been holding him back. I was impressed by how many chords my son was able to learn and pleasantly surprised by how much the book helped with his overall note reading skills. My favorite part was watching my son go online and benefit from the customized videos corresponding to each page of the book!! A+++

  9. Suzanna G

    As a music teacher who teaches many instruments, I keep an eye out for new publications from this author and I’m never disappointed. This newest book by Larry Newman is a terrific beginning guitar book for kids. It is child-friendly and musically motivating. The couple of YouTube videos I watched seem great, too, and provide support for kids between their lessons. Another winner from the Music Fun Books company.

  10. Brenda

    This new guitar book is terrific. It takes a fun approach to learning that kids will appreciate. As a free bonus, there is a guitar teacher on YouTube with videos matching the pages in the book. This teacher is “cool” and knows how to engage young players. The pedagogy is sound and I can’t wait to see how my students do as they work their way through this book.

  11. Luke

    This is a great new guitar book for kids. The font is big and clear and there is limited stuff on each page so that my kids are not overwhelmed. The YouTube videos are really great. The guitar teacher on the videos is “super cool” and motivating. There are lots of guitar books to choose from but this is one of the best.

  12. Snazzy

    This guitar book is the best I’ve seen for kids. The explanations are super-clear and easy to understand. Lots of musical knowledge is there if you want, or you can just learn how to play the songs!

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